Reddit Ordered to Preserve Deleted Posts in Clinton Investigation

The House Oversight Committee, who is investigating Hillary Clinton over her deleted emails, has ordered Reddit to preserve all of the deleted posts of a Clinton IT technician. It was found that the technician asked the community how to deleted emails from a server.

The Hill reports that Chairman Jason Chaffetz said the site is “cooperating” with the order.

Reddit’s community believes that they uncovered a 2-year old post from Paul Combetta, who was working for Clinton and Platte River Networks. The deleted post was preserved by some users and was posted a day after Clinton agreed to hand over emails after the Benghazi attack.

The post was posted on July 23, 2014 a day after the Benghazi Committee agreed with the State Department to produce related records. The post states, “I may be facing a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email.”

The user that made the post seemingly deleted the post after reports appeared on Monday that linked the posts to Clinton. Reddit does maintain basic log files and IP addresses that can link the user to a specific location and provide further data to determine who made the post. Reddit’s retention policy is to retain data for 90 days if it has been requested to be preserved.

Written by Andrew

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