Registration, Absentee Numbers in NC and IA Give Clinton a Boost

In North Carolina and Iowa, voters are already casting absentee ballots for the presidential election, and thus far, the numbers are looking promising for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.Democrats are also moving ahead on voter rolls in Florida and Colorado, according to CNN.

Voters in a few states have already requested and cast absentee ballots. Some of those states disclose how many ballots were requested by Republican and Democrats, but there’s no way of knowing whether voters will vote for their designated party. No results will be announced from any of these states until after the polls close on election day.

In North Carolina, where absentee ballots are being turned in, 3,600 have already voted. While this number represents just a small fraction of voters in the state, Democrats have turned in over 1,500 ballots, accounting for 41% of absentee ballots. Republicans have returned 1,227 ballots, accounting for 34% of the requested ballots. Independents account for 909 ballots, or 29%.

Over in Iowa, 91,000 voters have requested absentee ballots. Of all the ballots requested,57% of those voters were registered Democrats, 22% were Independentsand 21% were Republicans.

The Democratic Party also saw some positive changes in Colorado and Florida, where more voters have registered as Democrats. While registration shifts do not guarantee that those voters will remain loyal to their party, they do contextualize the state’s political landscape.

Dems added 16,000 more voters than Republicans did in Florida and 9,000 more voters in Colorado.

Written by Andrew


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