Trump Gains Support Ahead of First Presidential Debate

Donald Trump has gained further support ahead of his first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton on Monday night. The two will be debating on national television at 9 pm. Ted Cruz endorsed Trump late last week to bolster Trump’s support.

Former President George W. Bush’s appointees flocked to Trump on Sunday, with dozens of former appointees trying to unify the Republican party ahead of the debate on Monday.

The Bush family has been reluctant to endorse Trump for president, with George H.W. Bush, a seasoned Republican, expected to vote for Clinton. Jeb Bush stated he will not vote for Clinton or Trump, which leaves him likely voting for Johnson, a third-party candidate. George W. Bush hasn’t weighed in on the election.

Fifty former appointees signed off on their endorsement of Trump on Sunday.

The list includes many respected names, including former Treasury Secretary John Snow along with former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Donald Rumsfeld has also added his name to the list.

Trump has not been able to rally the support of many Republicans. John Kasich, Ohio Governor, has yet to throw his support behind Trump after conceding to the New York businessman. The Republican party’s recent bolstering of support comes at a crucial time when polls have Clinton and Trump in a virtual tie in many states.

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