Clinton Campaign Scrambles to Win Over Black Florida Voters

Florida is a key state for Hillary Clinton in her quest to beat Donald Trump in November’s general election. But the Democratic nominee’s campaign is in a “panic,” fearing that she may not get the minority turnout needed to win the state, Politico reports.

The campaign is worried that African-Americans are uninspired by Clinton. Out of fear, Clinton has pulled out all the stops to boost voter enthusiasm.

To help stir up voters, Bill Clinton will head off on a bus tour of North Florida to draw in African-Americans. Hillary Clinton will also host events in St. Lucie and Broward counties, both of which have high populations of African-Americans.

The upcoming events follow a weekend of campaigning efforts in that state to drum up support.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to campaign in Florida two more times before the election in November. Michelle Obama, First Lady, is also expected to campaign in the state.

Leslie Wimes, president of South Florida’s Democratic African-American Women Caucus, said, “Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in panic mode. They have a big problem because they thought Obama and Michelle saying, ‘Hey, go vote for Hillary’ would do it. But that’s not enough.”

Right now, Wimes says, the attitude of African-American voters is more anti-Trump than pro-Hillary. To win over voters, she will need to ramp up excitement.

Written by Andrew

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