Former Anti-Trump Mega-Donors Can Write Checks Without Disclosing Their Names

Todd Ricketts has raised over $30 million for Donald Trump according to a report from Politico. Ricketts’ family owns the Chicago Cubs, and he is working to win over donors that have been reluctant to back Trump due to having their names released.

Ricketts is reportedly able to connect donors with a Trump group that will work to keep the names of donors secret.

The group is called 45Committee and is allowed to accepted contributions of any amount. The group will air ads on behalf of Trump, and they won’t need to release donor names under their tax code.

The Ricketts backed Scott Walker, and Trump tweeted that “they have a lot to hide” when discussing the Ricketts family. The billionaire further threatened the family stating he would place ads on how bad the family runs the Chicago Cubs.

The family overtook the Future45 PAC, and they converted it to a pro-Trump group. Trump will gain support from both of the groups with the Future45 PAC being required to release the names of their donors.  The 45Committee, which isn’t required to release donor names, will be running negative ads against Hillary Clinton.

Ricketts has also been working towards his goal of raising $70 million for Trump by election day by calling mega donors that have announced their distaste for Clinton and her economic policies.

Written by Andrew

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