New Poll Shows Clinton Leading by 7 Points in New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by 7 points in New Hampshire, says a new poll conducted after the first presidential debate.

The poll, which was conducted by MassINC Polling Group for Boston’s WBUR-FM, shows Clinton in the lead against Trump 42% to 35%. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party, came in at 13%, while Jill Stein, Green Party, came in at 4%. A combined 6% of voters were either undecided or voting for another candidate.

With Johnson and Stein out of the equation, Clinton leads Trump by 9 points in a two-way match-up, 47% to 38%.

Voters have negative views of all candidates, according to the poll results, but Clinton has the highest favorability rating at 40%. However, 51% still have an unfavorable opinion of her.

Only 32% of likely voters had a favorable view of Donald Trump, while 61% had an unfavorable view of the Republican nominee.

Four out of five polled voters said they tuned into the debate on Monday, and 59% believed that Clinton won. Just 19% of would-be voters felt Trump won the debate.

Trump’s performance at the debate hurt his image, with only 13% saying the debate made them more likely to vote for the Republican nominee. Thirty percent of voters said they were less likely to vote for Trump after the debate.

Clinton attracted more voters, with 27% stating that the debate made them more likely to vote for her. Only 17% said they were less likely to vote for the Democratic nominee after the debate.

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