Sanders Joins Clinton on the Campaign Trail in New Hampshire

In the final stretch of the presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders is making a strong case for Hillary Clinton. The Vermont senator and former opponent of Clinton made an appearance at the Democratic Party’s rally in the University of New Hampshire.

Sanders’ aggressive push is an attempt to draw in millennials, liberals and his most devout followers who shunned Clinton during the primary race.

Taking the stage in a state where he beat Clinton by 20 points, Sanders encouraged the crowd to vote for the former secretary of state.

“It is imperative that we elect Hillary Clinton as our next president,” he said.

Despite Sanders’ best efforts, Clinton is still struggling to win over voters in the under-30 age bracket; a group that has lingering concerns of Clinton’s trustworthiness.

The Democratic nominee’s biggest hurdle will be reining in Sanders supporters who plan on voting for third-party candidates.

A small group of Green Party supporters were gathered outside the rally, holding signs opposing issues that were central to Sanders’ campaign.

Obama won over young voters in 2012 with his enthusiasm and energy, both of which have failed to transfer to Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton and Sanders aides say the Vermont senator will play a very active role in her campaign in the final weeks of the election.

Written by Andrew

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