Sanders Condemns Trump for Not Paying Taxes

Bernie Sanders condemned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for allegedly not paying federal income taxes over the last 18 years. A New York Times report revealed that Trump declared a loss of more than $900 million on his 1995 tax return.

Speaking on CNN, Sanders said about the report, “This is exactly why so many millions of Americans are frustrated. They’re angry, they’re disgusted, at what they see as a corrupt political system in this country.”

Trump has not officially released his tax returns, but the New York Times obtained records from 1995, which show the billionaire posting a loss that could be offset by legally avoiding paying income taxes over an 18-year period.

Sanders further criticized other wealthy individuals who pay little or nothing in income taxes. The Vermont senator said middle class workers “pay their taxes, they support their schools, they support their infrastructure, they support the military. But the billionaires? No, they don’t have to do that.”

“Trump goes around and says, ‘Hey, I’m worth billions, I’m a successful businessman,” Sanders said. “But I don’t pay any taxes. But you, you make $15 an hour? You pay the taxes, not me.”

Sanders, Clinton’s former opponent, has campaigned aggressively for the Democratic nominee in recent weeks in an attempt to help her win over his millennial supporters.

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