Mike Pence Gears Up for Vice Presidential Debate

Mike Pence, Republican Vice Presidential nominee, is prepared for Tuesday evening’s vice presidential debate, and for playing clean-up after Donald Trump.

Tuesday’s debate in Virginia will mark the biggest political moment for Pence as well as Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. Both parties will not only defend their running mates, but make their own cases on why voters should swing their party’s way.

Speaking at a rally in Ashland, Virginia on Monday, Pence gave voters a taste of his material.

“Hillary’s record on foreign affairs alone could literally take up the entire 90 minutes and it wouldn’t be pretty,” Pence said.

Pence has already spent a great deal of time cleaning up after Trump, and he has withstood tough questioning over Trump’s positions. On the topic of illegal immigration, Pence firmly stated that Trump’s positions hadn’t changed, even if the Republican nominee’s language suggested so.

“Nobody was talking about illegal immigration when Donald Trump entered this campaign,” Pence told CNN. Pence added that Trump was “attacked” for “putting the whole issue of violence that is derived from certain individuals that come into this country illegally.”

Pence has been preparing for the vice presidential debate every week since he joined Trump’s ticket, and has Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker play the role of Kaine.

Written by Andrew


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