Donald Trump Avoids Answering Questions on Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository

Donald Trump campaigned in Nevada on Wednesday, conducting in an interview with KSNV‘s Jim Snyder. The swing state is an important one for the Trump campaign, which hopes to overcome Hillary Clinton in November.

Snyder questioned Trump about the controversial nuclear waste storage in Yucca Mountain.

Nevada, a state that doesn’t have a nuclear facility, has questioned why there is nuclear waste stored in the state. “Why should we have to store the waste 90 miles from here, in a city that draws 40 million tourists a year?” questioned Snyder.

Trump avoided the question, stating, “I’m very friendly with his area.” The billionaire continued “I’ll take a look at it, and the next time you interview me, I’ll have an answer.”

Snyder pressed Trump on the issue, but the candidate dodged the question a second time.

The interview continued with the question of why Trump Tower in Las Vegas doesn’t allow a union.

“Culinary Union, very important here, most hotels on the strip have deals with them, Trump Tower does not. Why not?” asked Snyder.

Trump stated, “I think we’ll end up getting something that is satisfactory.” He stressed that Trump Towers has a good relationship with the union. Snyder told Trump that he should sign a union contract to try and garner support in the state.

Written by Andrew

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