Kaine: Pence Can’t Defend Donald Trump on Anything

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, believes he may have sparked a fight between Donald Trump and his VP pick Mike Pence after Monday’s vice presidential debate. Kaine acknowledged that his performance wasn’t as polished as Pence’s, but added that Pence couldn’t defend Trump “on anything.”

“He’s pretty smooth,” Kaine said, speaking of Pence. “There is one thing he can’t do, and that is defend Donald Trump on anything.”

Kaine’s remarks came at his first public stop since the debate. Clinton’s running mate admitted that his performance was jittery compared to Pence, but was quick to note that his jitters weren’t the most important issue.

“If you can’t defend your own running mate, how can you ask one person to vote for your running mate?” he asked speaking to a crowd at a Sheet Metal Workers Union hall in Philadelphia.

Kaine went on to criticize Trump for not releasing his taxes.

“Running for president is a job interview, and it’s only a job interview for the most important job in the world,” Kaine said. “There are some basic questions that the voters want to know, and that the voters have a right to know.”

Kaine asserted that Trump’s claims that he can’t release his returns because they are under audit “don’t add up.”

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