Obama’s Approval Rate Hits 55% to Reach All-time High in Second Term

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has risen to an all-time high of 55% in his second term in office. The approval rating, derived from a CNN/ORC poll, is the president’s highest approval rating since January 2013.

The poll, released on Thursday, has Obama’s approval ratings at over 50% since February.

The president’s numbers have improved 12 points among Democrats, with an 89% approval rating. Among independents, the president’s approval ratings are 56%, and 13% among Republicans, up 2% since September 2015.

Black voters have a high approval rating of the president, with 86% approving of the president in the latest polls. Approval ratings among whites stand at 47%, up from 32% in 2015. Non-whites as a whole have a 70% approval rating for the president.

The polls show that whites who have graduated college have a higher approval rating of the president at 55%, while whites without a college education have a 44% approval rating of the president.

Bill Clinton, in comparison, ended his term with a 58% approval rating in 2000. The polls often move into favorable territory during the transition between presidents where Obama will be replaced by either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

The poll took a sampling of 1,501 adults between September 28 and October 2.

Written by Andrew

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