Florida Governor Will Not Extend Voter Registration Despite Hurricane Matthew

Florida Governor Rick Scott does not intend to extend the deadline for voter registration, despite the potential disruption from Hurricane Matthew and a plea from the Clinton campaign, according to reports.

The Republican governor said there is no intention “to make changes” and noted that “people have had time to register.”

Early on Thursday, Clinton’s campaign urged Florida officials to extend its voter registration deadline due the potential impact of the hurricane.

Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, said the campaign is “hoping and expecting” Florida officials to “adapt deadlines to account for the storm.”

Florida’s deadline for voter registration is October 11.

“Our hope would be that a little bit more time will be given for people who were expecting to be able to get registered before the election,” Mook said.

Mook stated that the campaign’s first priority is safety, and has urged those in the path of the storm to seek safety and heed warnings from Florida officials.

Hurricane Matthew has halted presidential campaign efforts in the key battleground state just 33 days before the election.

Right now, Mook said, the campaign’s priority is to ensure that staff members and volunteers are safe.

“We’ll get back to campaigning when it’s appropriate,” he said.

If Florida officials do not extend the deadline, Democrats may sue the state.

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