Richard Burt Shapes Trump Campaign While Lobbying for Russian Pipeline

Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser Richard Burt earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Russian-controlled gas company while helping shape Trump’s foreign policy speech.

The former official received $365,000 in the first half of 2016, according to reports from POLITICO.

He helped lobby for the New European Pipeline AG, a pipeline that was opposed by Barack Obama and the Polish government. The state-owned company, Gazprom, owned a 50% stake in the pipeline at the time. The pipeline will bypass the Ukraine and Belarus.

Gazprom is now 100% owner in the pipeline after five partners pulled out of the pipeline.

Burt, a former official during the Reagan administration, encouraged Trump to take a stronger approach to world affairs with less intervention. The recommendations helped shape Trump’s comments during an April speech where he stated that he would cooperate with Russia.

Trump has been open about his respect for Russian president Vladimir Putin and has called him a stronger leader than Barack Obama.

Burt isn’t the first official that helped shape Trump’s campaign that has been tied to Russia. Paul Manafort, the billionaire’s former campaign chair, stepped down from his position in August due to his ties to Russian forces in the Ukraine.

Trump’s campaign brushed off the claims and stated they don’t believe Trump ever met with Burt.

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