Trump on Pence’s Syria View: ‘He and I Disagree’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he and Mike Pence, his running mate, “disagree” on Syrian policy at Sunday’s presidential debate.

“He and I haven’t spoken,” said Trump. “And he and I disagree,” he added when asked about whether he supports using military force against Assad’s regime in Syria, a view supported by his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

During the town hall presidential debate Sunday evening, Trump was asked how he would handle the humanitarian crisis in Syria, which was triggered by Syria’s bombing of Aleppo in cooperation with Russia.

During last Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, Pence called for the U.S. to establish safe zones in Syria and use military force if necessary.

Following the debate, Pence made no public reference to their opposing views.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, denies any disconnect between Trump and Pence on Syria. Conway claims that their answers were different because “they were talking about two different things.”

Trump indicated at the debate that Russia was not a part of the problem in Syria. The Republican nominee said Russia was fighting ISIS, a view that is not shared by intelligence officials, U.S. allies or the Obama administration.

Trump said both Russia and Syria are fighting ISIS.

Written by Andrew

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