Trump Fires Virginia Campaign Chairman Over RNC Protest

Donald Trump’s campaign fired its Virginia chairman, Corey Stewart, Monday afternoon after he organized a protest of the RNC (Republican National Committee). The chairman argued that the RNC was not giving Trump adequate support, Politico reports.

“They had me fired, it’s really that simple,” Steward said in a phone interview.

The former campaign chairman believes David Bossie, Maryland RNC member, was to blame for his ouster. Stewart said he was not surprised by the campaign’s move, as the RNC wants the public to see a united front despite the campaign being in turmoil.

Stewart organized the protest with the help of Virginia Women for Trump, and claims the group’s message was to encourage Trump and send a “message of defiance” to the Republican establishment.

During the protest, Stewart accused the Republican National Committee of withholding resources from the Trump campaign. He also accused the RNC of using Trump’s crude comments about women as a reason to cut funding.

Speaking of the women at the protest, Stewart said, “Of course they’re not happy with Trump’s comments 10 years ago. But they also don’t want to cede the country to liberal Democrats for four years because Trump made crude comments 10 years ago.”

Stewart said Trump helped the RNC raise the majority of its money this cycle, and the intention of the protest was to persuade the committee to give the money back.

Written by Andrew

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