Clinton Praises Wall Street in 80-page Hacked Paid Speeches

Hillary Clinton is under fire on Thursday, as analysts scour through a recent WikiLeaks trove of hacked emails. The former Secretary of State reportedly praised many of the big financial institutions on Wall Street during the country’s recovery from the 2008 crisis.

The hacked emails, from Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, includes an 80-page attachment of potential “speech flags.”

The authenticity of the email and attachment was not denied or confirmed by the Clinton campaign. Clinton has used much of Bernie Sanders’ momentum to focus her campaign on the excess of Wall Street. She has also stated that she will close a carried-interest loophole that the banking industry takes advantage of often.

The leaks include many sections or quotes from her speeches. She stated “you are the smartest people” during a Goldman Sachs questionnaire.

She also joked about her past Whitewater Scandal. She stated, “Now, it’s always a little bit risky for me to come speak to a group that is committed to the futures markets because — there’s a few knowing laughs — many years ago, I actually traded in the futures markets. I mean, this was so long ago, it was before computers were invented.”

Clinton further stated that Dodd-Frank was something that needed to pass. She stated that the middle class needs to be further developed.

Written by Andrew

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