North Carolina GOP Leader’s Email Breached

A GOP leader in North Carolina suffered an email account breach Monday morning, Politico reports.

Dallas Woodhouse, North Carolina GOP executive director, said, “My email account was compromised, sending out “phishing” emails to all of my contacts.” The emails, he said, contained a link to a counterfeit site meant to look like Dropbox.

“I did not send those emails,” he said.

An email went out from Woodhouse’s account to his network of contacts around 7:30 AM Monday morning. The messages contained a link to a supposed shared document entitled “GOP-financial_Document.pdf” on Dropbox.

“The linked website in the email will try to trick you into putting your email address and password to ‘sign in.’” said Woodhouse. The GOP leader warned recipients not to enter their email address or password.

Woodhouse further advised those who were caught by the scam to change their passwords immediately and “never use that password again, for anything, ever.”

The Republican leader said his account is now secure and apologized for any inconvenience.

The breach came just one day after the Hillsborough, North Carolina Republican Party office was firebombed. The words “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else” were spray painted onto a nearby building. An explosive device was thrown through the window of the party’s office. No injuries were reported.

Written by Andrew

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