Trump Campaign Still Competing in Virginia

Reports surfaced last week that claimed the Trump campaign had pulled out of Virginia. Days later, the GOP nominee called Mike Rubino, his Virginia state director, to reaffirm that he is not withdrawing and will provide the director with the resources needed to win the state.

Sources told CNN that Trump was also planning to air television commercials in the state’s key markets as part of a $2 million buy through election day. Trump’s campaign also announced a new 19-member leadership team for Virginia.

Trump says a message sent from the campaign’s New York headquarters was taken out of context. The Republican candidate said the campaign was moving some staff from Virginia to North Carolina to help with the early voting process.

The campaign, according to Trump, has 30 paid staff members in Virginia.

Still, many Republican Party officials view Virginia as a lost cause, particularly because Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

Sources close to the Trump campaign say he is focused on winning the state, as he has multiple properties there, including a hotel near his winery in Charlottesville. Those sources say the GOP nominee is particularly adamant on pushing for wins in states where he has business investments.

Written by Andrew

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