Trump, Clinton Race Tight in Battleground States NC, OH & NV

The presidential race remains tight in the three key battleground states North Carolina, Nevada and Ohio, according to polls from CNN/ORC.

While Clinton is slightly ahead of Trump in Nevada and North Carolina, she is still trailing the GOP nominee in Ohio, a key battleground state.

The polls were taken between October 10 and 15, shortly after accusations of sexual assault against the Republican candidate began to surface. In all three states, voters said Trump’s comments on the leaked tape where he made lewd comments about women reflect his general views about women.

When comparing the recent poll to polls in North Carolina and Ohio from September and late August, CNN says the allegations have done little to deter conservative voters.

In Nevada, 46% of voters are for Clinton, while 44% are for Trump and 7% are for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. In North Carolina, the race is much tighter, with 48% saying they will vote for Clinton and 47% saying they are for Trump. Only 4% are considering Johnson. In Ohio, Trump is leading at 48%, while Clinton trails at 44% and Johnson came in at 4%.

The majority of voters in all three states say Clinton has a better temperament to serve as president. But Clinton lags behind Trump when it comes to trustworthiness, although a significant number of participants said neither candidate was honest.

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