Trump: “I Will Push for a Constitutional Amendment to Impose Term Limits on Congress”

Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Colorado on Tuesday afternoon to garner support heading into the general election. The presidential nominee worked to excite the crowd by proposing stark changes in Washington.

The billionaire stated, “If I’m elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.”

Trump stated that he would impose a 12-year limit for senators and a six-year limit for the House. The Republican stressed corruption in Washington, stating that there have been “decades of failure in Washington.”

He attacked his opponent Hillary Clinton, stating that the former Secretary of State is too corrupt to run for president.

On the topic of the media, Trump stated that the media is working with Clinton to conspire against him. He stressed that the general election will be “rigged.” Elected officials in both parties have voiced their concerns over Trump’s comments of a rigged election.

Trump’s campaign has switched focus in the last few weeks to corruption in Washington. He states that he is the only candidate that will put an end to corruption in Washington.

He also called for limits of former members of Congress and their ability to lobby.

Colorado is a swing state Trump must win if he hopes to win in the general election.

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