CNN / ORC Poll Has Hillary Clinton Winning Third Presidential Debate

The CNN / ORC poll following the third and final presidential debate shows Hillary Clinton winning the showdown. The poll, conducted on viewers that watched the debate, has Clinton winning 52% to Trump’s 39%.

The 13% margin over Trump is still the tightest poll numbers in all three debates.

Survey results show that Clinton had the favor among viewers, with 61% stating Clinton had a better understanding of the issues than Trump’s 31% support. When polled on who was better prepared to be president, Clinton had 59% support and Trump had 35% support.

In terms of which candidate is best suited to help the economy, the polls had 50% support for Clinton and 48% for Trump. Trump was in favor on immigration issues, with a 50% to 48% margin over Clinton.

Trump won on nominating the Supreme Court, with a 49% to 48% margin.

Clinton gathered more support with voters on the federal budget, outpacing Trump 50% to 46%. Clinton was the clear winner in the poll for who was the better candidate to handle foreign policy, with 55% of viewers stating she is better suited for foreign policy. Just 41% of viewers stated that Trump would do a better job on foreign policy issues.

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