Trump Launches 6 New TV Ads Following Wednesday’s Debate

Donald Trump’s campaign has launched six new television ads following the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday. The New York billionaire has ramped up his advertising efforts going into the general election in November.

The Trump campaign only announced one new add, but many residents in battleground states have seen new ads on television.

Trump’s campaign has promised an advertisement blitz in an effort to boost the candidate’s poll numbers and sway swing voters going into November. Trump’s campaign stated in September that the plan was to spend $100 million on advertising over a 7-week stretch leading to election day.

Trump stated that he will spend $100 million of his own money on his campaign. The candidate will need to spend an additional $40 million of his own money to reach the $100 million mark.

Four of the ads attack Clinton. One ad includes Laura Wilkerson, a mother from Texas, who explains that her son Joshua was killed by an illegal immigrant. In one ad, Trump attacks Clinton’s comments on his fans with the line: “what elitist arrogance.”

Another ad states that the world is unraveling and mentions Clinton’s 30 years of experience. The ad states that Clinton failed as secretary of state.

Only one ad mentions Trump’s proposals, stating that they will help the middle class reach the American Dream.

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