Obama on Rigged Election Allegations: “Not a Joking Matter”

President Barack Obama commented on Donald Trump’s assertions that the elections are “rigged.” Obama said, “This is more than just the usual standard lie.” Speaking at a rally for Hillary Clinton, Obama said this is “not a joking matter.”

Donald Trump was asked if he would concede if he lost the general election on Wednesday during the third and final debate with Hillary Clinton.

The New York billionaire suggested that he may not concede. All other presidential nominees in American history have conceded following the general election. Trump spoke on Thursday ,stating, “I will accept the results if I win.”

“I want everybody to pay attention here. That is dangerous,” stated Obama.

Obama asserted that Trump is planting seeds of doubt among voters, challenging democracy in the process.

“Democracy depends on people knowing that their vote matters,” stated Obama. Republican and Democratic lawmakers in both parties expressed disapproval of Trump’s comments and refusal to concede if he loses the general election.

Republican Senator Marc Rubio stated on Monday that “the election’s not being rigged” during a debate with opponent Rep. Patrick Murphy.

Obama stated that Trump is only worried about losing and stated he doesn’t have what it takes to be the president. Clinton has increased her lead in the polls in recent weeks, causing Trump’s campaign to increase negative ads against the candidate.

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