Trump to Supporters: Vote in GOP Congress

Donald Trump asked voters on Sunday to vote for the Republican Party in Congress. The demand of voters to support the Republican majority is a change for Trump’s campaign. The candidate has feuded with Paul Ryan, House Speaker, and many other Republican politicians.

Speaking at a rally in Naples, Florida, Trump asked voters to reelect Republicans on three separate occasions.

Trump outlined his plan for his first one hundred days as president.

The presidential hopeful stated, “If you elect me along with a Republican House and Senate, we will immediately repeal the Obama-Clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military.”

Trump’s comments came too late for many Republicans that are up for reelection. Republican congressmen and senators dropped their endorsement for Trump. The withdrawals came as a video from 2005 of Trump surfaced, in which he stated bragged about being able to kiss women and grope them.

The candidate stated that the “Washington establishment” has worked to stop his campaign.

House and senate majority will be needed for Trump if he hopes to be able to enact many of his proposals. The candidate’s switch to a unified party indicates that he realizes he won’t be able to push through his agenda without a GOP majority.

He stated, “Go out and vote, and that includes helping me reelect Republicans all over the place.”

Written by Andrew


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