Liberal Activist Coordinated with Breitbart Reporters in GOP Primary Disruptions

A liberal activist coordinated with reporters from conservative news site Breitbart to cover disruptions of GOP primary events for candidates, including Marco Rubio, Politico reports.

According to sources close to the matter, Aaron Black, Democracy Partners associate, tipped off Breitbart about his disruptions during the Republican primaries. Black also coordinated coverage with the pro-Trump site and shared raw video of his stunts.

In an undercover video from Project Veritas group, Black claims to work for the Democratic National Committee, although his name does not appear on the committee’s payroll. Black claims to have helped organize the protests in Chicago that caused Trump to cancel his rally in March.

A source told Politico that black “worked directly with Breitbart’s political team” to “sabotage Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee.” The source says Black was “coordinating” with top staff at Breitbart to “rabble rouse against Rubio.”

Breitbart responded to the allegations on Monday night, denying any coordination with Aaron Black.

Politico says it has obtained emails that show reporters at Breitbart were also giving Black suggestions on phrasing quotes about Rubio and reminding him to film encounters.

Democracy Partners has also denied working with the Breitbart team directly.

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