Sanders Prepared to Push Liberal Values on Clinton

Bernie Sanders led a hard-fought fight against Hillary Clinton leading up to her being crowned the Democratic candidate in the 2016 election. The Vermont Senator built his campaign on the back of liberal values, and plans to push these values on Clinton if she wins the presidency in November.

Sanders has campaigned for Clinton, and stated that he and others have started to plan legislation that would push many of his proposals that led to his surge in the polls.

The Senator will work to fight climate change, enact a $15 minimum wage and offer tuition-free public college to relieve heavy debt burdens that many millennials face.

Sanders stated, “If she focuses on the issues, she will do well with the American people.”

The Senator’s role when the next president is crowned is still unknown. Sanders and his supporters have boosted his standing among the political elite. If the Senate’s majority switches to Democrats, Sanders will be one of the senators at the top of the chairmanship lineup.

Sander’s proposals are within the 51-page platform of the Democratic Party. The Senator’s decision to support Clinton was based on the contingency that he could shape the Democratic platform to some extent.

He stated that it’s his job to “demand that the Democratic Party implement that platform.”

Written by Andrew

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