Utah’s Early Voter Turnout Results in Huge Democrat Turnout

Utah’s early voter information is trickling in, with a larger-than-expected turnout of Democrats. A third more Democrats sent in their early by-mail votes. Fewer-than-expected Republicans sent in their ballots early.

Utah Republican Chairman James Evans stated that 82,000 people casted votes in 21 of 29 counties in the state. Most the votes have come from Salt Lake County.

Evans stated that 16% of voters in Salt Lake County are registered Democrats, and they’ve casted 22% of the votes in the country so far. He stated, “That shows us there is an excitement amongst Democrats.”

He suggested that Republicans are frustrated with Donald Trump on their ticket.

Utah’s Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon confirmed the voter turnout numbers that Evans reported. He was cautious to confirm the final numbers, stating that it’s too early to give any final numbers on the matter.

Politicians in the state have lists of unaffiliated voters in the state. Through polling and donation records, the parties have created a list of unaffiliated voters and their likely votes based on the information gathered.

The parties are trying to sway voters in their direction in this year’s monumental election.

Written by Andrew

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