Clinton’s Transition Teams Follows Obama’s Lobbying Rules

Hillary Clinton’s transition team will follow in the footsteps of President Barack Obama on lobbying rules. Obama initiated strict rules to limit the influence of lobbyists on policy agenda. The team has worked secretly over the past few weeks on how to transition to a Clinton presidency.

The team will limit federal lobbyist power, according to POLITICO.

The Lobbying Disclosure Act is enforced during the transition, which limits the amount of lobbying that any individual can do on behalf of a company.

Obama famously barred lobbyists from working with federal agencies that have lobbied the president in the past two years. There are also rules in place that prohibit lobbying if the lobbying is directly related to the work the individual did while in their government position in the last two years.

Some lobbyists received waivers under the Obama administration that allowed them to serve while not meeting the requirements.

Rumors that Clinton would override these lobbying rules have diminished.

A source close to the matter told POLITICO that Clinton’s transition team will not allow officials to work on issues that they’ve lobbied on in the past year. Private sector staff must also not lobby any federal agency during the transition period, as per the report.

Written by Andrew

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