Trump Suggests Clinton’s Syrian Policies Will Lead to World War Three

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke on Tuesday with Reuters, asserting that opponent Hillary Clinton’s Syrian plans would lead to World War Three. Trump alleges that the plan will create conflict with Russia.

The presidential nominee questioned Clinton’s plans and how the former secretary of state would negotiate with Vladimir Putin, Russian President.

Trump’s speech discussed numerous topics, including the lack of support for the candidate from the Republican Party. The billionaire stated that he could easily win the election if he had the support of party leaders. He also blamed President Barack Obama for the rife between the United States and the Philippines under president Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte recently called for the United States to remove all military personnel from the country immediately.

Trump, in a rare showing of concern, stated, “If we had party unity, we couldn’t lose this election to Hillary Clinton.”

Numerous members of the Republican Party have withdrew their endorsements for Trump in recent weeks following the release of a tape with the candidate making derogatory remarks about women.

Clinton’s plan to incorporate a “no-fly” zone in Syria has sparked concern from analysts. The fear is that Russian fighter jets may enter the zone, raising conflict between the United States and Russia.

Trump stated that if “we” listen to Hillary Clinton, World War Three will begin.

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