WikiLeaks Uncovers Memo of Bill Clinton’s Aides on High-Priced Speeches

WikiLeaks released a 2011 memo sent by Doug Band. The memo, titled “Attorney-Client Privilege,” was sent to two attorneys reviewing the Clinton Foundation and how it was run.

The memo outlines the lucrative speeches former President Bill Clinton gave between 2001 and 2011. The speeches provided $30 million to Clinton and an addition $66 million that were contingent on current engagements that would be paid out over nine years.

The memo mentions a $2 million two-year deal with Swiss UBS.

The Clintons making money on speeches is widely known. There were reports by CNN that the Clintons earned $153 million in speaking fees.

Band, a partner in Teneo Holdings, discussed how he helped the Foundation by securing donations from Coca-Cola, Barclays and Dow Chemical. Bill Clinton served on Teneo’s board in 2012 for a period of one year.

The memo was sent to three close aides, John Podesta, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.

Teneo was quick to announce on Wednesday that the company never benefitted from working alongside the Clinton Foundation. The company, which employs over 500 people, stated that they never received a “financial benefit” from working with the Foundation.

The company “encouraged” clients to donate to the Foundation, according to the company due to the charity’s work around the world.

Written by Andrew

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