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Latest Polls Show a Clear, but Difficult, Path to 270 for Trump

Two weeks ago at this time, Democrats were so confident they were beginning to look at red states that Hillary Clinton could potentially pull into the blue column for the first time in years. They were starting to talk about a Senate takeover for the first time since the conventions. To hear them tell it, it wasn’t a matter of whether or not their girl would win; it was a matter of how colossal the landslide would be.

These days, they don’t sound quite so cocky.

Thanks to a letter from FBI Director James Comey that rocked the election, the winds have shifted dramatically. Millions of voters who thought they knew what they would do on election day took a step back. Wait…Hillary Clinton still might be indicted? They found more emails? What the hell? We thought this was over! The media TOLD us it was over!

Well, it wasn’t. It isn’t. And now voters have to once again decide whether they’re willing to put into the White House a person who – under virtually any other circumstances – would never again be granted security clearance. A person who, if her last name wasn’t Clinton, would likely be sitting in a federal penitentiary right now.

According to Fox News, the electoral map looks a lot different right now than it did just a week ago. New Hampshire, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri have all shifted towards Donald Trump. And while their map still has Hillary Clinton squeaking by Trump, he has greatly expanded his path to 270. It would take a hell of a run – Trump needs to take virtually every single battleground state – but it can be done.

The Washington Post sounded nearly hysterical as they conveyed the bad news to their liberal readers:

From her high in the polls a week or two ago, Clinton’s leads in a number of critical battleground states have collapsed or evaporated entirely. The election could come down to one state with four electoral college votes that flips from Clinton to Donald Trump and, boom: A 269-269 electoral college tie, and a vote by the House of Representatives to decide on the next president — who, given the composition of the House, would almost certainly be Donald Trump.

The state they’re talking about is New Hampshire, where the latest polls show Clinton and Trump locked in a mathematical tie. If Trump grabs the Granite State, carries North Carolina, and takes Maine, he’ll be the president of the United States.

Make no mistake: the odds are still against us. That doesn’t mean we can’t win. The polls mean nothing. The media means nothing. Trump’s ground game means nothing. All the talk means nothing. The only thing that matters is the vote itself, and it’s up to each and every person who has stuck by Trump to get out there and let their voice be heard on election day.

Let’s make it happen.

Written by Andrew

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