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Obama’s “Progress” Is on the Ballot, For Sure

Several times, President Obama has told supporters that while he’s not running for a third term, “progress is on the ballot.” In other words, if you want a president who will keep pushing the policies of his administration, all you have to do is vote for Hillary Clinton.

Never has Obama been more right.

Bill Clinton, the “third way” president willing to sometimes sacrifice his liberal ideals to keep Washington running, is not going to be the model for his wife’s presidency. Hillary represents the Obama party – the one that has dragged our country so far down a leftist path that it would have shocked the Clinton voters of the 1990s. Even in a race against an avowed socialist, Hillary managed to still seem plenty “progressive” by comparison.

Though superficially courting Republican voters who are disgusted by Donald Trump, Hillary isn’t even pretending to be a centrist. She’s campaigning on a platform of higher taxes, intense regulations, and barely-concealed forms of welfare like debt-free college and the “public option” for Obamacare. She has no plan to stimulate economic growth and, in fact, doesn’t even seem to think it’s important. Her presidency will instead be focused on “income inequality,” which of course means another four years of wealth redistribution.

From a social and cultural standpoint, Hillary is nothing less than an extremist. She is well outside the mainstream when it comes to abortion, and she has vowed to go further than Obama when it comes to protecting illegal immigrants.

She is an enemy of the Constitution, as proven by her remarks on gun control and her zealous desire to see Citizens United overturned. This is especially troubling, given the fact that she may be in a position to nominate two or three Supreme Court justices before her first term is finished.

Her views on climate change are straight out of the Obama playbook, and she’s already promised to put West Virginia coal miners out of a job.

Obama and Clinton share the same desire to see the United States evolve into a quasi-socialist state, examples of which we can find across the Atlantic Ocean. They view America’s free market as a national source of shame, and they believe that a bigger government is a better government.

Under President Clinton, true opportunity will be erased to “level the playing field.”

America won’t vanish overnight, but another four years of this kind of liberalism will make it very hard for us to come back.

Written by Andrew

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