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GOP Pledges to Move Forward With Clinton Investigations

Republican lawmakers are now telling Fox News that they intend to go forward with at least four separate congressional investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. These investigations, which were expected in the wake of a Clinton victory, were the subject of intense curiosity in light of what actually happened. If Donald Trump is the president, is there an exceptional need to follow through on these inquiries?

According to the Republicans who spoke to Fox News, the answer is yes. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin told the station that it was still imperative for Americans to get to the bottom of this scandalous situation.

“I still don’t have the information I need,” Johnson said. “I think it’s one of the messages of this election that the public is disgusted when they see double standards, when they think people in high places, high government officials can get away with what ordinary citizens can’t. So, I just think it’s extremely important to follow this thing through and get all the information. Make it public.”

Johnson said that his committee would be mindful of putting Trump’s priorities over their own while continuing to pursue the Clinton investigation.

Trump himself has been noncommittal about appointing a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s emails. On 60 Minutes, he said he would “think about it,” and insisted that “they’re good people” that he wouldn’t want to hurt.

Regardless of where the public appetite is right now for another four investigations into Hillary Clinton, Johnson is right about the importance of moving ahead. It would look blindingly hypocritical for them to drop their inquiries at this point, even if the majority of Americans would like to put the Clintons out of their minds forever.

Are the investigations less vital right now, since she won’t be moving into the White House? Yes and no. No, because Hillary is a private citizen now and will almost certainly never run for any significant office again. Yes, because this goes beyond Hillary Clinton. The American people deserve to know exactly what kind of game the FBI and the Justice Department were playing over the past year, because something doesn’t add up. The credibility of our nation’s top law enforcement agencies has been shattered; neither Republicans nor Democrats think we saw a clean example of justice.

Seeing as how that’s the case, both parties should be eager to keep digging. But we’ll see how that goes.

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