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Rep. Michael McCaul: “We Are Going to Build the Wall”

In a op-ed, Rep. Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, promised to work closely with Donald Trump to fulfill the promises he made to the American people on illegal immigration.

“Starting next month, the people are going to get what they asked for,” McCaul wrote. “We are going to build the wall.  Period.”

McCaul said he would help the Trump administration do away with Obama’s “reckless immigration policies” and get back to enforcing congressional law the way it is written.

And, he said, the battle to protect U.S. borders would go well beyond a physical barrier.

“We are talking about a historic, multi-layered defense system so that drug cartels and terrorists cannot simply slip through the cracks,” he wrote. “This means more border patrol agents, new authorities, aerial surveillance, sensors, and other technology to make sure we seal our territory from illegals for good.”

McCaul said he was also on board with the second half of Trump’s iconic campaign rallying cry: To make Mexico pay for it.

“Congress will seek to fund this effort straight-away, but we cannot simply stick Americans with the bill,” he wrote. “Our neighbors have failed to contain the crisis within their own countries, and they must have skin in the game to fix it once and for all. That is why I’m proposing we put Mexico on a ‘payment plan’ and fulfill President-Elect Trump’s demand that our allies help resolve this mess.”

McCaul said a variety of strategies could be used to get Mexico to foot the bill, including new immigration fees, security tolls, and seizing cartel assets. He said that Mexico and other Latin American countries would also be compelled to contribute and to beef up their own border security.

While Ann Coulter and others are already bracing themselves for a Trump betrayal on immigration, McCaul doesn’t sound like he’s advocating the same old do-nothing approach. Maybe the WALL won’t be quite what the voters imagined and maybe Mexico won’t pay for it in the expected way. Or maybe it will all go exactly as Trump promised. Either way, we have the best chance ever to reverse the amnesty policies that both parties have been chasing for decades and get serious about border security. If Trump does that, in any form, we’ll be a lot better off than we were.

Written by Andrew

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