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HuffPo: Federal Workers “Sad” About Trump’s Inauguration

According to a Huffington Post article by senior political reporter Amanda Terkel, many federal workers are “sad” about having to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. Terkel proves this assertion by finding…two…such workers. Of course, whether even these two actually exist is up for debate, since she changed their names in the article.

“As soon as she found out Donald Trump had won the presidential election, Diane began applying for a new job,” reads the story. “As a federal employee, she just couldn’t imagine sticking around and working for a man she worried would mistreat government workers and pursue dangerous, unethical policies.

“But she’s not quite done with the president-elect yet. Diane is also a member of the National Guard and has been assigned to work at inauguration.”

Diane said she will suck it up and perform despite her distaste for Trump.

“Hopefully we show our best for this inauguration, despite who is being inaugurated,” she told HuffPo. “You’re no better than you are on your worst day, I guess I would say. We have a job to do, and I support our troops doing that job.”

Terkel’s other federal employee – “George” – plays in a military band. George, too, is feeling blue about playing for the new president.

“I don’t think I’m going to have any patriotic emotions like the ones that I experienced during Obama’s last inauguration,” he said.

Gee, you think an intrepid reporter could have found two federal workers at that inauguration who were as opposed to Obama as these two are opposed to Trump? What is this article supposed to prove? It’s just another divisive piece of liberal garbage masquerading as straight reporting.

While George and Diane and Angela Terkel are crying their way through Trump’s inauguration, more than 60 million Americans will be thrilled to see the opening of a new, exciting chapter in our country’s history. But of course, we’re just “deplorables” whose opinions don’t really count. All that matters is that Trump said all of these really mean things in the campaign and a bunch of liberals got their little feelings hurt.

Get over it, dry your eyes, and play your trumpets.

Who knows, you might have some fun.

Written by Andrew

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