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GOP Rep: Punish Countries That Won’t Take Their Criminal Immigrants Back

Rep. Brian Babin of Texas is proposing a new law that would punish countries that won’t take back their immigrants. Babin, a Republican, says the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act would hold those countries accountable if they refuse to take back their own citizens.

From Fox News:

A proposed law that would punish countries that refuse to take back their illegal immigrant criminals is two years too late to save Casey Chadwick, but the Texas congressman behind it figures it’s the least Washington can do.

Chadwick was murdered in 2015 by Jean Jacques, an illegal immigrant from Haiti and one of thousands freed onto U.S. streets each year after they serve prison time because their homelands refuse deportation. But a proposal by Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act, would force such countries to take back their citizens or risk losing foreign aid and travel visa privileges.

Babin told the conservative news outlet that American citizens were being terrorized by illegals who should not be in the country.

“The problem is hundreds of Americans are being robbed, assaulted, raped or murdered every year by criminal aliens who are then released back onto the streets because their countries of origins refuse to take them back,” Babin said. “I have personally met with a number of these victims, or if the victim is deceased, I have met with their families. It is heart-wrenching.”

Obama administration officials have used this excuse for years. Oh, we had no choice but to let these criminal immigrants back out on the streets! Venezuela wasn’t interested in taking them back! Haiti’s not having it! What can we do?

It’s ludicrous to think that the world’s greatest power is brought to its knees by the likes of Haiti. But, if we need a special bill to put some teeth behind the next president, then let’s get it passed.

If it stalls out for some reason, though, we won’t worry too much about it. Donald Trump isn’t going to let Mexico and Central America tell him how to run the country. If they won’t take back their criminals, they may find out what it’s like to have an enemy in the White House.

Something tells us it won’t be long before they gratefully accept these prodigal sons back home. Not long at all.



Written by Andrew

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