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What’s So Terrible About Keeping America Safe?

From the way the liberals are behaving, you’d think President Donald Trump had ordered Barack Obama to be imprisoned for crimes against the United States. With the way protesters and Democrats were carrying on over the weekend, you wouldn’t imagine that the subject of their hysteria was an executive order meant to keep dangerous terrorists out of the country.

Of course, if you know the left the way we do, it shouldn’t come as any surprise at all.

Just to make it clear: What Trump did last week was extraordinarily minor compared to what he could have done. It was, in fact, not much more “extreme” than policies already put in place by the Obama administration. He didn’t ban Muslims from entering the U.S. He didn’t even slap a permanent immigration ban on the seven countries listed in the order. He simply paused immigration from those terrorist havens while his administration works to close the gaps in our screening processes. Oh gosh, what a horrible dictator!

Was the order carried out as smoothly as it could have been? Maybe not, but since when do we expect perfection from the federal government? There will be some snags. Some people will be caught up in the system unfairly. Knowing that our customs officials and law enforcement agencies will make mistakes, isn’t it better that they detain legal residents for a few hours than to let terrorists into the country? Only a complete idiot would say otherwise.

Speaking of idiots, how about these liberals in the media who are asking Trump why he didn’t include countries like Saudi Arabia in the ban. On one hand, they’re saying the ban is evil and despicable; on the other, they’re complaining that not enough countries were included. This proves that they only care about opposing this president. He could direct Congress to pass a universal free healthcare law, and the media would find a way to criticize him for it.

But hey, we knew it was going to be like this. Liberals have run this country into the ground for so long that they’ve grown entitled and spoiled. Now the tantrums have begun. No matter. They’ll settled down in time. They’ll get used to the new boss.

In the meantime, President Trump will keep pushing his agenda to keep Americans safe and secure. Even the ones who whine about it.


Written by Andrew

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