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Whoopi Goldberg Says Trump is Just Like the Taliban

Proving once again that when it comes to dumb liberals, Hollywood can compete with any city in America, Whoopi Goldberg said this week that there was little difference between the Trump administration and the Taliban of Afghanistan.

“We have had a leader who’s repeatedly demeaned women, wants to defund organizations that benefit women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion – are these values really much different than the Taliban’s?” Goldberg asked on her daytime talk show, “The View.”

Goldberg went on to say that America could find itself on the slippery slope to theocratic rule.

“If you’re saying to the media shut up — that’s what [the Taliban] do,” she said. “Maybe they didn’t start out chopping people’s heads off, maybe they started out differently. Because we’re saying to people, here are our American values, and then we’re saying on the same token stuff that sounds exactly like the stuff we’re fighting.”

Do you think Goldberg could name even five facts about the Taliban? Does she even quite realize that they are not ISIS? We’re going to guess that she has no clue what she’s talking about.

Nevertheless, this is just another example of how distraught these liberals are about having Trump in the White House. It’s blown their sense of reasonable perspective completely out of the water. Suddenly, a temporary travel ban for seven countries that you wouldn’t visit if you could possible help it is comparable to the Islamist warlords of Afghanistan. Trump making jokes about Rosie O’Donnell is basically the same as harboring the founder of al Qaeda.

But if Goldberg is the latest celebrity to go overboard in her anti-Trump paranoia, she won’t be the last. With every passing day, the left gets further and further away from anything resembling reality. They can’t stand the fact that, outside the coasts and a few dots on the map here and there, America wants nothing to do with their skewed vision of the world. And they can call Trump a Nazi, they can call his administration the Taliban, and they can muse openly about blowing up the White House all they want – it won’t change the results of the election.

Now the question is – will they snap out of their insanity? Or are we going to watch them go right off the deep end in the coming months?

If you’ve watched these liberals closely over the past few years, you already know the answer.

Written by Andrew


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