Please, Not Another Generation of Clinton

It’s bad enough that our generation had to deal with Bill and Hillary Clinton; can’t we stop our children and grandchildren from enduring this poisonous political legacy?

Just as the relief of the election outcome is starting to fade, it’s beginning to look like another generation of Clinton could be emerging. Hillary and Bill’s daughter, Chelsea, has been more outspoken in the last month than either of her parents. Could it be that Chelsea is testing the waters? Could her parents be encouraging her to take up the family mantle and launch her own personal foray into politics?

God help us.

You would think that her last name would be enough to make the Democratic Party run in the other direction, but you never can tell with these idiots. The Clinton name may be political garbage right now, but don’t underestimate the power of money – to say nothing of friends in high places. The Clintons still have all their donors sitting on piles of cash. If Hillary herself doesn’t want to take another shot at the presidency, she may encourage those donors to help Chelsea get started.

“In recent days, we’ve noticed a different Chelsea Clinton—one more than willing to speak out, often a bit bluntly,” reported the Washington Post last week. “And she’s speaking out specifically against President Trump, using his preferred medium: Twitter.”

Chelsea grabbed headlines recently when she mocked Kellyanne Conway for the “Bowling Green Massacre” gaffe, but perhaps she’s just sticking up for her mom after a brutal political defeat. She hasn’t shown much interest in a political career of her own. Who knows? Maybe she remembers her own eight years in the White House – an era marred by sexual scandal – all too well.

We’d love to sit here and watch the Dems make the same mistakes over and over again, but we must insist that they move beyond the Clintons. This is about more than their party’s integrity, which is already in tatters. This is about moving American politics beyond the elitist leftists of yesteryear – a movement both Republicans and Democrats need to embrace for the sake of this country.

Written by Andrew

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