CNN Tapes: Conservative Investigator Turns Eye to Liberal Media

Conservative investigator James O’Keefe has turned his penchant for mischief-making against CNN and the liberal media, starting with the release of 100 secretly-recorded tapes from the network’s Atlanta headquarters. The audio tapes are from 2009 and the first round is reportedly only the beginning of what Project Veritas says are damning indictments of supposedly unbiased journalists.

“I want to start exposing the media and their flaws,” O’Keefe tweeted. “This is the beginning of the end for the MSM. And it starts today.”

Project Veritas, which has already dropped explosive tapes showing the seedy underbelly of organizations like ACORN and Planned Parenthood, got the audio tapes from an anonymous CNN source known only as “Miss X.” Joe Sterling, Arthur Brice, and Nicky Robertson are among the current and former CNN employees recorded surreptitiously.

So far, the tapes are more hype than substance. But while there is nothing that will leave your jaw hanging to the floor – especially if you are familiar with the liberal media – there are some eye-opening moments for anyone who thinks CNN is actually an unbiased source for news. In the tapes, we hear directors blatantly misrepresent polling data, openly express their favoritism for Barack Obama, and have interesting, ahem, conversations about their role as journalists.

High-level CNN executive Richard Griffiths was caught pontificating on the nature of ethical reporting:

“If we are journalists, what is our role as a journalist? What is the fundamental role as a journalist, for us to do? Tell a story. Tell what’s going on. There’s a secondary corollary to that, right? Aid the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. To a degree, right? Is that not part of the traditional role of a journalist. It’s actually one of the things I can be most proud of as a journalist. You know we try to show the ugly side of humanity so we can do something about it. It’s hard, very hard.”

That’s not the kind of bombshell that’s going to put anyone out of a job, but it certainly serves as a reminder that these people have an agenda – and, like Donald Trump said, that agenda is probably not your agenda.

There’s more to come from Project Veritas, and there may be more hidden in the current release than what we’ve seen so far. Hopefully, we’ll get something so juicy that CNN can’t brush it off. But even if that’s not coming, this release will get people talking again about the motives of the mainstream media, and that’s always a good thing.

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