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New Documents Have CIA Looking For Leaks in the Agency

The intelligence community has been rather laid back about leaks to the press in recent months, even as President Trump’s anger grows with each new media report. To hear it from the brass, there’s really not much of a problem.

But if the head honchos inside the CIA didn’t care about leaks last week, they certainly care now. Because the problem this time isn’t what’s being said about the president – it’s about the internal operations and hacking capabilities of their own agency.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks published a treasure trove of CIA documents that detail the agency’s cyber surveillance efforts domestically and around the world, a wealth of material that has put several major tech companies in a sticky situation. But if the corporate brass at Samsung and Microsoft are biting their nails, the spies at the CIA are looking for necks to hang.

The FBI is getting in on the action as well, according to Fox News. They opened a criminal investigation into the leaks on Wednesday, and they are expected to use digital forensics and security logs to home in on their suspect.

But the broader implications of the leaks could go beyond CIA embarrassment or PR headaches inside Silicon Valley. As Laura Ingraham pointed out on Sean Hannity’s show, the documents show the extent to which the CIA has used hacking techniques that make it appear as though foreign agents performed the crime.

“It’s really damning if it’s true,” Ingraham said.

Which, of course, makes you wonder once again: Were the Russians really behind the DNC hacks? Or did the Obama administration notice that a few of Trump’s campaign associates had dealings with Russia…at which point they concocted a story that would serve them politically? A story which, even now, they are using to block this president and call for his impeachment. Is it, in fact, possible that only the intelligence agencies actually know the truth about this scheme?

We’d agree that this sounds almost impossibly far-fetched, but this Russia story is getting to the point that…there are ONLY far-fetched conclusions! One way or the other, we’re talking about one of the most serious scandals in U.S. history. One way or the other, the truth is coming out.

Where this country goes from that moment forward, we do not know.


Written by Andrew

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