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Abortion Rights Groups Urge Senate to Block Judge Gorsuch

Democrats have failed to come up with much to use in their pitiful struggle to keep Judge Neil Gorsuch off the Supreme Court, but abortion-rights groups are urging them to keep trying. A collection of 55 groups, including Planned Parenthood, wrote a letter to the Senate this week, warning them of the threat Gorsuch poses to the precious abortion industry.

“We implore senators to do everything necessary to block this nomination,” they wrote. “Gorsuch has demonstrated he will go to extraordinary lengths to reach a result that would block women’s access to basic reproductive healthcare.

“Based on his record, writings, and the circumstances of his nomination,” they continued, “we believe Gorsuch would put reproductive freedom in grave danger and pose an imminent threat to our constitutional rights.”

Liberal activists are stepping up the fight against Gorsuch in the wake of a Politico article this week that showed that Senate Democrats did not appear to have much stomach for a contentious confirmation battle. “Some Democrats,” the site reported, “are privately beginning to believe that Gorsuch – barring a blunder at his Senate confirmation hearings next week – will clinch the 60 votes he needs to be approved without a filibuster.”

The site spoke to several Democrats from conservative-leaning states who said it was not in their interest to block Trump’s Supreme Court pick at all costs.

“You need nine members. It doesn’t work with eight,” said Sen. Joe Manchin. “I understand the Democrats being so upset. I understand it. That doesn’t make it right to go along with eight. If you think they are going to give you a center-left [judge], they’re not! Come to grips with it.”

Some Democrats are also concerned about anything that would force Mitch McConnell to invoke the nuclear option. Though it would give Democrats an advantage if they were to retake the White House and the Senate, it would also mean the next Trump nominee could sail through without any trouble at all. That would clear the way for Trump to pick the most conservative judge in the country, if the mood struck him.

The only sensible argument Democrats have is the “Merrick Garland” complaint, but they can’t very well sit on their high horse about that while doing the same thing in return. They should confirm Gorsuch, ignore their drooling base of idiots, and stop trying to make every issue fit into their 2018 election strategy. It’s time to grow up and govern. You lost. Deal with it.

Written by Andrew

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