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Trump’s Focus Should Now Be on the Economy

Different Republicans are saying different things about where they’re headed next on healthcare, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a viable way for them to come together on a real solution anytime soon. In the meantime, Trump is thinking about moving forward with tax reform…and…perhaps…an infrastructure bill at the same time.

The thought, apparently, is that only by attaching infrastructure to the tax reform bill can they possibly get enough Democrats on board.

Whatever the plan is for Trump and the Republicans on Capitol Hill, it should be centered around strengthening our economy. You can find a million different reasons that people voted for Trump, but the truth is that none of the other reasons matter that much if the economy is roaring, people are working, and Americans feel secure and hopeful once again about their financial futures. If they can pass legislation that gets the great American engine roaring again, everything else will fall into place.

There isn’t time for these petty ideological squabbles when the country’s collective mood is bright. And it has not been bright since the recession. One might even wonder if it’s been bright since 9/11.

Everything is related, of course. Terrorism, illegal immigration, crime, and over-regulation take their toll on the economy as well. But a poor economy also tends to make those things worse. It’s a vicious cycle, and it should be President Trump’s number one priority to break us out of it.

We’re not encouraging him to break his promises by any means, but it’s a simple fact that when people are well-fed and happy, they tend to care a lot less about issues that seemed very important when they were broke and fearful about the future.

That national unity that everyone keeps talking about like it’s a distant dream…it isn’t. But before it can happen, America needs to be…made great again. And that means a booming economy, good-paying jobs, and a general sense of well-being from coast to coast. Then, liberals and conservatives can disagree without wanting to rip each others’ throats out. Everything gets a lot less serious.

To get to that point, we have to get really clear on where we went wrong. Hopefully, Trump and the Republicans can keep their eye on the ball, shrink back this bloated federal government, turn the U.S. away from the lopsided trade deals that have done so much damage, and make good on the only promise that ever really mattered: To MAGA!

Written by Andrew

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