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Trump “Too Confrontational,” Says New Poll

President Donald Trump continues to enjoy strong support from Republicans when it comes to his job performance, but a new Rasmussen Reports survey shows that even some of his voters wish he would tone it down once in a while.

The survey found that 57% of Americans believe the president is “too confrontational” while only 6% think he’s “too cooperative.” Finally, 32% of those surveyed think he’s demonstrating the “right” temperament for the job.

Those who were hoping he wouldn’t bring so much of his campaign persona into the White House have probably not been pleased in recent days, especially as Trump has apparently launched a political war on the staunchest conservatives in Congress. It’s one thing to talk that way about Democrats, but why turn on the best Republicans we have playing for the team? The same people who love those guys are the ones who love you, minus the Democrats you picked up around the Great Lakes.

Other than that, though, we are still enjoying Trump’s combative style. Are there times it veers into a species of self-parody? Yeah, but what’s wrong with having a little fun with it. Anyone who’s been to a Trump rally knows he doesn’t take himself or his rhetoric as seriously as a lot of people think. To him, politics is a game. In fact, life itself is a game. He wants to win, and he extends that inner need to everything.

Such an individual is going to be rude, crass, inappropriate, and shameless at times. Check, check, check, and check.

But maybe it’s time that our party – and our country – had someone with that kind of sporting spirit. The media gets all bent out of shape about these things, but half the time we don’t see the other side of the story. For instance, with the Freedom Caucus, many of them have defended themselves on the healthcare bill but none of them seem too bent out of shape about Trump’s jabs. He plays hard. Ask Ted Cruz.

Trump’s winning spirit can do wonders for this country, and if it means we have to sometimes cringe and mutter “please shut up” under our breaths…well, isn’t it still a lot better than what we’ve had to deal with for the last eight years?

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