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Obama’s Dangerous Iran-Deal Deceptions Come to Light

Not long after the Obama administration announced its controversial nuclear agreement with Iran, the lies began to slip out. It was revealed that the terms of the deal were not limited to those found in the official paperwork. No, indeed. There were secret “side deals” on the table that worsened an already-disastrous agreement. Side deals that critics say amounted to the U.S. paying Iran ransom for American prisoners.

The White House initially denied that any money was sent to Tehran. This was quickly proven false, even though the administration went to great lengths to hide the payments. Rather than simply wire the money to Iran or hand it over in a transparent fashion, they sent pallets of cash to the Iranian government in the dead of night. When busted, the administration said that the money was already owed to Iran and had nothing to do with freeing our imprisoned citizens. It was just a coincidence that the money exchange and the prisoner release occurred simultaneously…down to the hour.

Sure, sure.

But now it looks like the AMERICAN prisoner release was small potatoes compared to the Iranians Obama released from U.S. custody.

From a stunning new Politico report:

In his Sunday morning address to the American people, Obama portrayed the seven men he freed as “civilians.” The senior official described them as businessmen convicted of or awaiting trial for mere “sanctions-related offenses, violations of the trade embargo.”

In reality, some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration.

And in a series of unpublicized court filings, the Justice Department dropped charges and international arrest warrants against 14 other men, all of them fugitives.

These were terrorists, arms dealers, and, quite frankly, dangerous enemies of the state. And Obama just let them go. Why? Because nothing – NOTHING – was more important to him than securing this deal and cementing his false legacy as a global peacemaker. A pattern, by the way, that colored his entire presidency and his dealings with every Islamist country in the Middle East.

A few months ago, President Trump – to much mockery in the media – said he had “inherited a mess” from the previous administration. And with every passing day, we learn more and more about how accurate that statement really was.

Written by Andrew

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