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NY Times Blames Conservatives for Provoking Left-Wing Rioters

According to Jeremy Peters of The New York Times, conservatives who inspire the wrath of liberal rioters at the University of California and elsewhere can look in the mirror if they want to find someone to blame.

“Without uttering a word to students at the University of California, Berkeley, Ann Coulter on Wednesday made herself the latest cause célèbre in the rapidly escalating effort by conservatives to fight liberals on what was once the left’s moral high ground over free speech on campus,” Peters wrote. “But across the country, conservatives like her are eagerly throwing themselves into volatile situations like the one in Berkeley, emboldened by a backlash over what many Americans see as excessive political correctness, a president who has gleefully taken up their fight, and liberals they accuse of trying to censor any idea they disagree with.”

Now keep in mind, this wasn’t an op-ed. This was just a piece of straight reporting, and the NY Times felt that the most important thing to be gleaned from the horrific Coulter situation was that conservatives have become “emboldened” by the backlash against political correctness! That’s the problem! Of course!

It defies all logic and all human decency to see this trash printed as “news” in the nation’s – cough, cough – most respected newspaper. How dare they? Aren’t these the same fools who are out there warning us that TRUMP is public enemy #1 when it comes to the First Amendment? Wasn’t Trump supposed to have shut down the free press by this point? Aren’t we supposed to be living under the 21st century’s answer to the Third Reich?

It doesn’t matter who you voted for in the last election – Hillary, Donald, Gary Johnson, or Mickey Mouse. If you are an American citizen and you have the slightest belief in the rights of free people in the United States, you should be aghast at what just happened at UC Berkeley. Violent people – forget for a minute that they’re leftists – were able to stop someone – forget for a minute that she’s a conservative – from speaking. That is antithetical to everything this country stands for, and it puts us on an extremely dangerous path towards a thug state.

If this is the kind of crap The New York Times is printing these days, they are worse than fake news – worse even than VERY fake news. They are enemies of liberty, plain and simple, and they deserve to go out of business.


Written by Andrew

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