1 in 8 California Students Have Illegal Immigrant Parents

According to a new report from the Education Trust-West, approximately 1 in every 8 students attending California schools have at least one parent who is an illegal immigrant. The organization, which is an activist group out of Oakland, around 750,000 kids in preK-12 schools are the children of at least one undocumented parent, and some of the children themselves may also be in the country illegally.

The group, of course, does not see this as an immigration problem. Rather, they are focused on the “heightened anxieties” these children are being forced to experience due to the deportation policies of the current and former administrations.

The Los Angeles Daily News elaborated on el problema:

“Deporting a family member, especially a parent, has serious detrimental impacts on children,” the Center for American Progress report stated.

“In addition to the loss of a parent and the immeasurable security that comes with having a stable family, deportations often leave children in the foster care system,” the authors of the report wrote. “Fathers, in many immigrant families, are often the bread winners and are more often detained or deported. Removals can, therefore, result in a large number of single mothers left behind to care and provide for the family.”

The report also pointed to research showing that “when their parents have been deported, children go through multiple negative experiences: They suffer from psychological trauma, especially when they witness a parent’s arrest; their family is separated; and they are likely to experience housing insecurity and economic instability.”

No one’s so hard-hearted that they want to see children suffer for the sins of their parents, but how is this any different than the trauma kids go through when a parent is sent to prison? Yet no one’s suggesting that we start bending our burglary laws when the offender has a kid in school.

As Trump said many times, we either have a country or we don’t. We either enforce our laws, or we may as well not have them.

Liberals seem to be just fine with that. They would seemingly be overjoyed if we simply erased the border altogether and let just anyone who wanted to come to the U.S. breeze on through.

Maybe they should take a moment to think about WHY these people came to the U.S., WHERE it is they left, and WHAT would happen to our country if we relaxed our immigration laws. It doesn’t do anyone any good for America to become a northern reflection of these southern wastelands of drugs and criminality. Before long, we’ll be the ones jumping the fence.

Written by Andrew


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