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It Took Intense Courage for Trump to Fire Comey

Last weekend, the Kennedy family gave former President Barack Obama their annual “Profile in Courage” award for some reason or another. Next year, they should consider giving it to Donald Trump. Because by firing FBI Director James Comey, Trump showed more courage than Obama showed in his eight years in the Oval Office.

Trump had to have known that it was going to look bad, politically, for him to fire the man in charge of investigating the links between his campaign and the Russian government. He knew that the mainstream media would focus relentlessly on that aspect, suddenly ignoring what had been, up till then, the only thing they talked about when they brought up Comey’s name: Namely, that he “cost Hillary Clinton the election.”

On Tuesday evening, the Democrats changed their tune in a hurry. All of a sudden, Comey was not just a man of the law, he was practically a man of the cloth. And Trump was the reincarnation of Richard Nixon, trying everything possible to avoid going down with the Carter Pages and the Michael Flynns. And even though biased, liberal journalists said over and over again that Comey’s firing would change NOTHING about the day-to-day Russia investigation, the Democrats apparently think that Trump is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that. They want us to believe that HE believes he can just…fire his way out of treason charges! Come on.

This really shows you how virulent Trump Derangement Syndrome has become. Maybe Democrats really are this unhinged. More likely, they think that because they have such a stranglehold on the media, they can get the American people to buy into their silly conspiracy if they just play it straight enough and hold enough ominous press conferences.

It would be so easy at this point for Trump to just keep his head down, give in to every Democratic Party pressure, and try to get in good with the D.C. establishment. And to their unending frustration, he simply refuses to buckle. Just when they think he’s about to crumble, he doubles down. We finally have a president who doesn’t give a damn what the media’s fake polls say about him or what the Democrats say about him or how crazy the slacktivists get on social media. He’s going to do what he feels is right, regardless. That’s courage.

Written by Andrew

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