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Democrats Freaking Out Over Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission

If you wanted to hear people complain about our American system of voting last December, all you had to do was find a Democrat. They would give you a mouthful about the popular vote, the Electoral College, the founding of the country, and the demise of democracy. If you found a particularly wacky liberal, you might even get some very interesting information about how Russian spies might have hacked into the voting systems themselves. Because, after all, what else could possibly explain why the polls got it so wrong?

Certainly, it couldn’t be that all of that “liberal media” stuff that conservatives have been talking about for years was…actually true?! No, no. It was the Russians.

Well, be that as it may, the liberal concern over the strength of our democracy has apparently vanished. Or, if it hasn’t vanished, it is at least badly misplaced. Why else would they be freaking out over President Trump’s announcement that he was forming a bipartisan commission to investigate and ensure the integrity of our elections in all 50 states?

The ACLU immediately threatened to file a lawsuit, claiming that “the American people should demand that elected officials and election administrators not participate in this phony commission.”

The New York Times somehow could not find anyone to quote who was in favor of the commission, but they did manage to find Nathaniel Persily, a political science professor at Stanford, who said, “There are problems in the registration system that don’t translate into fraud, there are sporadic and very rare instances of fraud, and voter impersonation fraud is the rarest of all.”

Meaning, of course, that the president’s decision to put Voter ID advocate Kris Kobach on the commission was a mistake and, more broadly, that there was really no such thing as fraudulent voting.

Now, we will assume that these liberals have no problem with taxpayer money being wasted on a frivolous effort – that is, after all, their stock in trade. No, they are worried that the commission WILL turn up some instances of voter fraud and prove that the Democratic Party’s argument – that it hardly ever, ever, ever happens – was a sham all along. And then there will be Voter ID laws across the country.

That’ll make it a lot harder to round up illegal immigrants, convicts, homeless junkies, and the deceased on Election Day 2018. And how will the Democrats take back the House without their base?

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